Terms & Condition

1. By checking the ‘Submit’ button below and by entering the one-time password (“OTP”) sent by CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION Finance Limited CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION, I hereby agrees and acknowledges that I
a. Am 18 years of age,
b. Can understand, read and write in the English language,
c. Have read and understood the terms and conditions contained below (“Terms”).
2. I agree that my action of entering the OTP sent by CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION and clicking the “Submit” button, constitutes a
valid acceptance by me of the Terms contained herein and creates a binding and enforceable agreement

3. I declare that all the particulars and information provided by me are true, correct, complete and up-todate in all respects and that I have not withheld any information whatsoever.
4. I confirm that I have/had no insolvency proceedings against me nor have I ever been adjudicated
insolvent by any court or other authority and I further confirm that I have read the information on
various loan products made available by CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION 

5. I agree and affirm that CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION may contact me and communicate with me over telephonic calls, or SMS on
the mobile number mentioned herein, or through any other communication mode (“Communication
Modes”) to verify the details provided by me . Further, I confirm that I would like to know through the
above mentioned Communication Modes various CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION loan offer schemes or loan promotional schemes
or any other promotional schemes relating to various products/services offered by CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION/its group
companies/business partners from time to time and hereby authorize CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION, its group companies,
employees, agents, associates, business partners to contact me from time to time for the same.
8. I hereby expressly consent and authorise CHINTA MUKTI MICRO CONFEDERATION/ its representatives/agents/ its business partners/its
group companies/affiliates to send me any communication regarding products/services offered by them
using various communication channels, such as, telephone, calls/SMS/bitly/bots/emails/post etc.